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It's A Guard Life Today

I remember wondering what toys would be like and if I could handle far so good.

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Peek Into Me

I'm not exactly sure when I created this picture collage, but I liked it. I'm not sure if I ever posted it to my blog either, but I figure since I'm wasting time...I may as well. Here you are...again....possibly.

From A Distance

Testing Collage Sizes

Banner Header

I'm not exactly sure I know what I'm doing here, but I'm using some of my favorite pictures for my collage. Not exactly my best pictures just my favorite for one reason or another.

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A Collage By Maharet, Ignore The Mucous

I just created a collage, I haven't been on vuvox in a long time. In fact I think the last time was the only time. Okay, so once or twice, but thing is that I simply don't have a computer fast enough to handle what that application can do online.

It really is very cool and I love it to death, but it's so much to think about and so much to do. I'm just not that good enough or that patient.

Right now I'm really sick as well and tha always makes it hard to concentrate.

My head is just swiming and I really am dying to go to bed, but last night I had such a hard time falling asleep and I was so uncomfortable that I'm just going to wait until I'm so sleepy my head falls onto this keyboard...Okay, not quite that sleepy. Oh god...everytime I sneeze my eyeballs twitch for 10 minutes, I spray spit all over the place, my tongue rattles so hard it hurts and my nose feels like it's going to inflate and burst.

To say this sucks isn't even close to the half of it. Everything fucking hurts.

Anyway, let's see if this collage thing works.

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Monday, August 24, 2009

Google Video: MoKitties

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Jul 28, 2006 - 00:20
video of my kittkitts uploaded from my mobile phone. they're all dead now. :( died two days after they were born. all dead, dead, dead. :(

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Polaroid Kittehs

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Make A Wish

Secure Your Wish. Remember, it doesn't pay to be cheap!